Message from CMD

Dear Patron

The healthcare delivery system in India is growing fast and the gap between the need and availability in healthcare infrastructure is also widening. With the global disease burden and exploding epidemic of non- communicable diseases, healthcare sector is facing major challenges to deliver high quality services. In a short span of less than a decade, VPS emerged as a leading player in the healthcare arena by adopting the integrated model comprising of state of the art infrastructures with right blend of medical talent and technology, sustainable healthcare service delivery and innovative IT Framework. Focus on Quality standard and patient safety has enabled us to create the largest internationally accredited private hospital network in the Emirates. Our continuous endeavor is to combat the healthcare challenges by providing comprehensive medical care wrapped with quality excellence and accessibility to serve different strata of the community.

Today, VPS Rockland Hospitals embraces the World class healthcare services with three Multispecialty hospitals strategically located at Delhi NCR (National Capital Region) Over the years, the hospital has nurtured a strong culture of delivering high quality healthcare with compassionate patient care to ensure that everyone receives the best medical care.

We envision VPS Rockland Hospitals to create new face of healthcare in India and extend healthy lives to the community.

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil
Chairman and Managing Director VPS Rockland Hospitals.

Preventive Health Checks

Prevention is better than cure.’

Rockland Hospitals offers complete Preventive Health Check Up Packages for both Men and Women to meet your specific Health needs...


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